In 2011 we launched the Boosey & Hawkes Classical Library, starting with 33 releases of licensed recordings. Since then I’ve produced 20 albums of new recordings and new arrangements of famous and sync-friendly classical works, as well as new works by contemporary composer Alexis Ffrench, featuring orchestras, choirs, opera singers and more. I helped develop the branding and artwork, a colour coded template that reinforced the ‘compendium’ nature of the catalogue and referenced the original Cavendish Classical label.

We had to drop the Boosey & Hawkes name and return to Cavendish Classical after our acquisition by ole in 2016, and decided it was a good time to re-brand the catalogue to look more contemporary and reflect the quality of the new releases. This time we went for something that was more of a nod towards the classical content, albeit relatively abstract, and maintaining but updating the colour code.