I’m a producer, composer & project manager with over 9 years of experience in production library music and music publishing, 6 years as creative director of a boutique record label, and over 15 years of writing and recording my own music. I have a passion for music, art and culture, and I’m looking for new partners to collaborate with, and new projects to manage.

From January 2015 to February 2018 I was Head of Production & Operations at Cavendish Music, the UK’s largest independent production music library. I had full responsibility for the creative direction and output of the four house catalogues, managing a team of five, and oversaw administrative processes across our offices in London and Toronto. In January 2018 I stepped down from this position in order to pursue other projects, while maintaining my role as a part-time senior producer. Since 2015 I’ve had 13 tracks nominated for Production Music Awards, including 5 wins:

3 nominations, 1 win for Best Score Track

6 nominations, 1 win for Best Jazz Track

4 nominations, 3 wins (Best Trailer Track, Best Use of Music in Television Factual, Best Use of Music in a Sports Promo)

Since 2011 I have co-managed WotNot Music, an electronic music record label. We have built a reputation as a forward-thinking label and as a springboard for artists with distinctive sounds and identities, described by BBC 6 Music as ‘at the forefront of the UK’s IDM and electronic scene’ and by DJ Mag as ‘wildly creative’. Past and present signees include:

– Glenn Astro (Ninja Tune)
– Soccer96 (Mercury award nominees as part of The Comet Is Coming)
– Danglo (Kitsuné)
– K15 (Wild Oats Music / Eglo)
– Deft (20/20)

In October 2017 we co-founded Peach River Music Publishing, a London-based boutique music publisher and sync agency with the label Squareglass. Peach River is a catalogue of some of the UK and Europe’s most exciting dance and electronic music artists.