When we launched the WotNot Music Library – a library of music composed by WotNot artists and associates – we needed to make sure that:

  • we communicated the current, contemporary and cool nature of the music, but…
  • any branding/styles wouldn’t date too quickly
  • releases the on the library stood out in the relative sea of production music releases available on various search systems around the world
  • we had a way of making people aware of the library, so that they would come back to it
  • the artwork could communicate the mood and style of the release

The concept was to build off the recent fashion for patterns and prints, using bold and bright patterns that reflected the nature of each album. The album artwork included a nod to the Penguin Classics format, so as to give a feel of classiness and longevity to the image. The pattern was also delivered as a small thumbnail of the main motif of the pattern, and as a tessellating tile. We used the tiles to digitally print five fabrics, based on the artwork of the first five albums. We then lined the sleeves and hem of some (good quality) white t-shirts, and added a nice brown card tag, giving these away to some of our tastemaker clients.

The result was a great launch and strong awareness of the label. The music itself has been lauded by our clients and international agents as the best source for authentically current sounds and styles, something which is missing in the production music world. Each release is themed by a general mood or sound, rather than a specific genre, making each album a great toolkit for music supervisors and editors.