As it’s difficult to compete with the budgets and output of the biggest production music libraries, such as Universal, EMI and Audio Network, we have to focus on delivering the best creativity, resourcefulness and quality. Swagger is one of those projects which ticks all three boxes.

Having noticed a need for slower, but still big-attitude, music for TV promos and film trailers, we decided a full album of ‘Swagger’ tracks would put us ahead of the competition. One of the biggest problems with trailer music is that popular sample libraries can date a production badly, as a load of composers will use these libraries until the next, better one, comes along; we found ourselves often wondering how to set our writers’ trailer music apart from others’. Taz, our head engineer, had mentioned a personal desire to record some big percussion in a huge space, and this inspired the project concept:

With the help of our composer pals W-M-P, we spent a day recording a range of orchestral percussion, taikos, scrap metal, and everyday objects. Taz edited these and created a custom Kontakt patch, which we sent to a range of our writers, along with the Swagger brief. The brief asked writers to base their compositions in contemporary electronic, hip hop, rock and indie styles, but with a bold and cinematic edge. They were encouraged to base their sound palettes around this exclusive sample pack, which they did with enthusiasm.

We recorded full orchestra in Budapest, and released the album with both normal and orchestral versions. The album was released both as a library album and commercially, along with the ‘making of’ video.