Five of my projects have received nominations for the 2019 Production Music Awards, including a track from my own catalogue, WotNot Music Library. The nominations are:

Best Electronic Music Track
Game On (by Jamie Wilder) from Run The Beat on Cavendish Music
Puma Fight (by Jeremy Sliwerski and Danny Solimene) from Fashion Underworld on WotNot Music Library

Best Folk Music Track
Together We Stand (by Oliver Price and Lewis Fieldhouse) from Unison on Cavendish Music

Best Use of Production Music in a Sports Promo
Hive Mind (by Yip Wong) on Tectonic on Cavendish Trailers

Best Use of Production Music in a Film Trailer
In Limbo (by Jake Shillingford and Nick Evans) from Metamorphosis on Cavendish Trailers

Farming Trailer from Cavendish Music on Vimeo.